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Monday, January 10, 2011

Help a Shaman Out -or- QQ Moar...

So for the first expansion since Vanilla WoW I decided that when Cata dropped I would spend more time questing and investing time in the game lore before jumping right into the good old dungeon badge grind.  What was great about this decision for me was that I could remain a somewhat casual player while not feeling like I was being shuffled to the periphery of the core game experience as I often felt as a casual raider at the end of WOTLK.  Doubly awesome was Blizzard's bounteous gift of iLVL 329+ Blues available at many of the end chain quest rewards.

Now here I find myself adequately geared to heal heroics on my shammy, and not in the noobtarded 'Oh, look I have leet plate gearz boosting my GS from their resting place in my inventory!' kinda way.  No.  I was ready.  Sound of Blues and sound of mind.  But with very little real group experience in the new expansion.  I am attempting dungeons out for the first time in Heroic mode.  So I am cautious.  I am honest.  I alert my groups saying, 'Hey, This is my first time here.  Please let me know the strats! :)'  My response is typically the compulsory 'K.'

 So I find myself in this exact situation in Abyssal Halls last night.  We're clearing trash.  Everyone is behaving like the unevolved aggro-spamming noobs WOTLK heroics trained us to be.  As many of you probably already know this is a big no-no in Cata.  Much of the player responsibility key to the Vanilla WoW experience has been restored to the game, which is a big win for long time players and a major fail for 12 year olds who bought their accounts on eBay.  Needless to say the tank can't hold aggro.  Dps is running around like LeRoy Jenkins on Speed.  And despite my reduced Mp5 and inability to spam chain heal till the Murlocs come home, I am holding this group together.  I am carrying the team.  Go me.  Not to be cocky but my epeen is huge.

We approach a dragon boss.  I ask for the strat.  I get, 'don't stand in shit'.  Easy enough.  I don't stand in shit.  But within seconds it's obvious that there is way more to this encounter than the traditional GTFO fire strat.  I die.  I start getting flamed in party for wiping the group.  I say, 'Why didn't you explain the strat to me?'  The Group Leader responds, 'Learn the Strat in regulars.  You are retarded.'  I am booted from the group.

You may say, 'Ryan, QQ moar.'  And you're right.  Maybe I should have at least researched the fights.  I certainly have been booted from groups for more bizarre reasons.  I guess what really got me about this one was that not only was I carrying the group, which they obviously were too noobish to realize, and not only was I kicked without having a chance to defend myself, but the group was in full knowledge that I would not be able to survive the fight without knowledge of the boss's abilities.  Not only that but Q times are not exactly swift these days.  Unless one of the group had a nice healing offspec, which I grant is highly possible, they would have had to sit around and wait for some random for 8-15 minutes.  They sacrificed a geared and more than capable player for a mere chance at having someone join the group who doesn't need an explanation.  What takes more time?  Wiping on a boss with Rtards who know the strat but can't watch Omen, or taking 5 minutes to explain a fight to a nearly best scenario random healer who will carry your fail group to the end of the instance?  Let the Valor points rain down.

I guess my concern is this - how did people get so impatient that they don't even realize they are wasting their own time and energy merely to spite people who pose a momentary inconvenience?  It's a game.  We're all here to have fun and help each other out.  We all want epic drops, but when you drop an epic healer the only loot anyone acquires is BoE Frustration and Dismay.  And you don't want to equip that shit.  It becomes Soulbound.

Also - don't Ninja my time and I won't Troll your Forum of Fail.

Ok.  I'm done QQing.  For now.... *sniff*